Advantages and Disadvantages Nonrenewable Energy

Sample Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages Nonrenewable Energy

Considering the advantages and disadvantages nonrenewable energy is very important. It enables individuals, corporations and governments to determine the best type of energy to use. Nonrenewable energy refers to energy that comes from sources that get depleted with time. These sources include oil, gas, and coal. Today, there are many governments, individuals and organizations that are using nonrenewable energy.

One of the advantages of nonrenewable energy is the fact that it is easily available in abundance. There are many sources of nonrenewable energy including coal, gas and oil. Experts say that if nonrenewable energy is channeled correctly, supplies will remain safe for use by the future generations.

Most non-renewable energy sources such as petroleum products and oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, natural gas, propane, coal as well as uranium that are used in the production of nuclear energy are capable of producing energy in high amounts.

There are environmentalists who include plant life and trees in the category of nonrenewable energy because when these die they become fossil fuels that produce this energy. Currently, nonrenewable energy is affordable and widely available unlike renewable energy. Diesel and oil are still being used in powering vehicles. Many people consider them as cost-effective energies whose production is cost-effective.

Another advantage of nonrenewable energy is its market value. Suppliers of this energy make money while paying workers which helps in economic development. Despite struggling with practices of fair trade, some countries use nonrenewable energy as a tool for bargaining in the international forum and benefiting their people.

Nevertheless, nonrenewable energy has its disadvantages as well. Since nonrenewable energy comes from sources that can be depleted once the sources are exhausted they cannot be revitalized or replaced. Thus, at some point nonrenewable energy will no longer be available from a source.

Nonrenewable energy is also expensive. This is because it is generated in countries that have sources only. The fact that, once depleted nonrenewable energy cannot be replaced has also contributed to its high prices in the market. Countries have also fought over possession and control of sources of nonrenewable energy because it is available in certain countries only.

Another disadvantage of nonrenewable energy is the side effects that it has on the environment. Nonrenewable energy produces byproducts at the point of exploitation and where it is used. These byproducts including carbon dioxide contribute to climate change or global warming.

Apart from affecting the environment, byproducts of nonrenewable energy can also affect human beings.

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