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Homework Question on federal agencies

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1.List five other federal agencies involved in environmental issues, and what

each is responsible for.

Homework Answer on federal agencies

The U.S. Executive Branch has several departments that work to provide a safe environment to the habitats. Examples of these units include; the Department of Agriculture whose responsibilities include food safety by ensuring the food production process is safe. The Forest Service, for instance, takes care of the management of the national forests as well as grasslands.

The unit further divides into three subsections namely; Natural Resources Conservation Service, which works jointly with the landowners on private lands for the proper conservation of the natural resources. The Farm Service Agency extends its support to farmers in conserving the natural resources. The Food and Consumer Service is in charge of the Food Stamp Program as well as the Women Infants and Children (WIC) project that delivers nutritional value meals to these vulnerable populations.

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The Department of Commerce engages the business community in creating an ideal environment that fosters economic growth and the establishment of employment opportunities for Americans. The Department of Energy advocates the efficient use of energy as well as establishing multiple sources of energy. The Department of Health and Human Services oversees the overall health of the Americans together with the provision of human services especially to the disadvantaged.