Sample Environmental Studies Paper On Environmental “Hot” Issue

Homework Question on Current Environmental “Hot” Issue

  • Unless it’s on the front page of the news, most environmental issues are out of sight, out of mind. We get so busy with our daily lives that we sometimes forget to stop and smell the flowers, or in some cases, make sure the flowers will still be there for future generations.
  • Becoming aware of environmental threats is something we should all take responsibility for; however, if you only have time to educate yourself about one issue affecting the future of our environment, you are making a significant difference to our Earth.
  • Using the library or the Internet locate an article that discusses a current environmental issue
  • After you have thoroughly researched the environmental issue, write a report (450-500 words) that answers the following questions:
  1. What is the environmental issue you selected and why did you select this particular issue?
  2. What type(s) of scientific research was conducted to identify the cause of the issue?
  3. Was the issue resolved or is it being resolved? Thoroughly explain.
  4. Is the resolution temporary, permanent or ongoing?
  5. Did you agree with the outcome? Thoroughly explain.
  6. Would you have done anything differently?

Homework Answer on Current Environmental “Hot” Issue

Climate change

The environment issue chosen is climate change from the Science Daily. The article note that it could kill more than fifty thousand adults worldwide by 2050. This assertion is attributed to changes in diet of the households from reduced crop productivity in the continent. Research has proved that this is an important environmental issue that could have negative and damaging consequences in general food production and health all over the world.

This issue was chosen because it is one of the greatest threats for the existence of human beings in the planet. With the earth warming up the climate is changing and the species and their habitats are considerably reducing making it difficult for the ecosystem to adapt and support itself (Spracklen etal, 2008).  It is evident from the study that climate change is real and is supported by the rising sea levels leading to interruptions in the physical and biological ecosystem.

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Habitats are also becoming unsupportive for living creatures; the changing ecosystem has threatened balance and increase of temperatures to affect vegetation and agricultural activities of the people in the planet. A modeling and empirical study was conducted by Marco Springmann from the Oxford Martin programme on the future of food in the planet (The Lancet, 2016). This research investigated the impact that the climate change would have on the diets of the people and estimated that 155 countries would be affected by the year 2050 (The Lancet, 2016).