Sample Environmental Studies On Wildlife Conservation

Homework Question on Wildlife Conservation

  • As you browse the sites related to your topic, think about the following questions that you will need to include in your final project presentation:
  1. What is the problem? How do we know there is a problem (what evidence is there)?
  2. What causes the problem?
  3. What are the possible future effects of the problem? How will it affect the world?
  4. What is being done to solve the problem? Are there laws related to the topic?
  5. What can an individual do to help? For the sources, use at least one book for a source. The essay should be no less than a thousand words.

Homework Answer on Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation is crucial as a means of not only maintaining a valuable biological diversity, but also because where possible there is need to avoid the extinction of endangered species. While wildlife conservation has for a long time been practised by various states, this noble gesture has however faced an impending threat in the form of increased human activities (Claggett, 1997).

Consequently, a good number of our wildlife have been categorised as endangered species. As of 2014, the main threats facing the global wildlife population include exploitation (37%), change in or degradation of habitat (31.4%), loss of habitat (13.4%), climate change (7.1%), invasive genes or species (5.1%), pollution (4%), and disease (2%) (Statista, 2014).

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In terms of wildlife exploitation, millions of animals are caught from the wild each year and later sold for food or medicine. While most of this trade tends to be legal and hence pose no harm to wildlife population, the rising number of illegal trade in wildlife is worrying. Over exploitation of wildlife has already placed a number of animals on the list of endangered species (National Wildlife Federation, 2015). Taking into account the secret nature of illegal wildlife trade, it is thus very hard to estimate its worth financially.