Sample Environmental Studies On Hydraulic Fracking

Homework Question on Hydraulic Fracking

  • Your paper will be an analytical essay 3 pages single-spaced per person in your group.
  • Your analytical essay should consist of an introductory paragraph (this includes a summary of your topic, an explanation of why this issue is important, and a thesis statement), supporting body paragraphs presenting evidence for your thesis, and a strong synthesis/concluding section.
  • Your paper should evaluate arguments on all sides of the issue (even contrasting views), draw conclusions based on your arguments, and make recommendations as to how the various individuals or groups that have a stake in this issue should deal with it.
  • Your paper should not just be a summary of the current state of research on your topic. While your paper is expected to be analytical and make recommendations one way or another, it must acknowledge ambiguity and opposing arguments. It should not ignore contrasting viewpoints; rather it should address and refute them.
  • Use online sources only. Rephrase this so that the question is a bit more analytical as opposed to just a report of the positives and negatives?
  1. Main question: Is fracking a legitimate alternative energy source? Sub-questions:
  2. What is hydraulic fracking?
  3. How does fracking take place?
  4. What are methods and chemicals used?
  5. What kind of energy is reaped through fracking?
  6. This is a group paper, but we each have different sub-topic (sub questions).

Homework Answer on Hydraulic Fracking

Hydraulic fracking refers to process in which rock is broken into pieces under the action of high pressure generated from hydraulically pressurized liquid (a liquid moving in a confined under pressure). The hydraulic fracking process is often applied to extract natural gas that is found trapped within shale formations, tight gas produced from reservoir impermeable rocks, petroleum with light crude oil and methane gas (Charlez pg239-242).

According to Charlez, the experiment on procedures to be used in this process began as early as 1947 and the first achievement on commercial using this process was in 1949.According to the Agency of International Energy, approximately 5 million hydraulic fracking  technique had been performed in the world on energy generating sites in the year 2012.Hydraulic fracking issue is an important area to focus on since despite the fact that it contributes to generation of huge amounts of energy, it also brings an area of concern on human and environment safety. This paper will look at the process, methods and chemicals used in fracking process and the types of energy harvested using this process.

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Hydraulic fracking Definition and process

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), hydraulic fracking refers to a process through which underground oils, natural gases and water are obtained by stimulating the targeted rock using fluids under high pressure. Mooney (pg80-84) explain that the fracking hydraulic process starts with building the necessary site infrastructure including well construction. The wells are made by drilling a vertical hole many feet below the land surface and made drill can have horizontal or directional sections prolonged thousands of feet.