Sample Environmental Studies Essays On “Freaky Frigid February”

Homework Question on “Freaky Frigid February”

  1.  Read the article here is the link:
  2. Write a short summary of the article (please be concise as you can)
  3. Main focus is to identify the way the business media frames the climate change issue with the personal reflection on the article

Homework Answer on “Freaky Frigid February”

The article raises concern on climate change as observed in the month of February in different provinces of Canada. The temperatures fell beyond the expected limits breaking many records observed in a span of more than one century. On February, Quebec recorded the lowest temperatures since 1889 with Montreal recording -14.9 compared with the normal average of -8.5 degrees Celsius. It was the coldest-ever February in Ottawa region since 1979, with temperatures falling to -16.8 degrees.

For more that seventy five years, the province of Toronto established a new climatic records where the temperatures did not go beyond the freezing point on February. The quantity of snow recorded in the month of February was quite high compared to other years, making almost twice the average amount. It almost turned to be a disaster when things were buried in a thick layer of snow. Streets, roads and cars were completely buried by monster snowfall in the regions of Toronto.

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It became worst when Charlottetown was covered by more than seven feet of monster snow. However, the regions of British Colombia experienced a rather different climatic condition. The entire province had higher temperatures than usual, with three to five degree beyond the normal temperatures. It was rather a spring-like experience in British Colombia when regions of Quebec and Ontario experiences snow fall.