Sample Environmental Studies Essays On Chemical Hazard Responses

Homework Question on Chemical Hazard Responses

  • Exposure to toxic chemicals has become a major concern among people because these chemicals can be found anywhere people live and work. Additionally, such chemicals are transported daily in bulk across the country and the world by trucks or railways. So public health professionals must be aware of the chemicals that could cause hazards and how to prevent such harmful events. This includes preparing for accidents and malicious attacks.
  • Review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Web site on terrorism.
    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2010). Emergency response resources. Retrieved from
  • Specifically focus on the following points:
    • Basic information section
    • Chemical hazards for emergency responders
    • Acute Exposure Guideline Levels (AEGLs)
  • Summarize your findings, citing the sources you have referred to. Be sure to include a short explanation of every Acute Exposure Guideline Level.
  • Write a 1-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources

Homework Answer on Chemical Hazard Responses

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has devised various work safety and health strategies and approaches that can be relied upon in case of disasters (2013). In particular, Emergency response resources in case of terrorism response have been identified. In terms of safety management, the resources provide interested parties and organizations with strategies that can be used to protect employees and other stakeholders.

The resources available address various strategies that can be employed in the industries and occupation sectors, identifying the various hazards and exposures that are probable and common, as well as the diseases and injuries that employees and organizations are likely to encounter. Safety and prevention measures in relation to emergency responses have also been identified.

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Chemical hazards and the strategies of addressing them have also been identified by CDC. In relation to the chemical hazards, information on the chemical agents is necessary for the emergency responders so that they can adequately plan for risks that may arise as a result of the chemical incidences. The information should contain short and long-term remedies that are specific to given scenarios, as well as the effects of the hazards. In the chemical databases, useful resources and information related to these risks are available, and users can incorporate them to enhance the safety of their employees and other parties.