Sample Environmental Studies Essays On Biomes

Homework Question on Biomes

  • Research one of the following biomes: Aquatic Deserts Forests Grasslands Tundra In a 3-5 page report, discuss the following (although you are not limited to the topics):
  • A full description of the biome, including descriptions of the different regions (or divisions) and their characteristics. A listing of at least 20 plants/animals/insects that depend on the biome for survival.
  1. Briefly explain how they survive within the biome. Using that list, choose one plant/animal/insect to “remove” from the biome.
  2. Discuss what possible outcomes will occur due to this “extinction”.
  3. Discuss what we are doing or need to do in order to ensure the sustainability of your chosen biome.
  • Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Homework Answer on Biomes

Geographical areas where the similar plants and animals survive together are classified collectively into biomes. Biomes are the core world communities, which are categorized in accordance to their main vegetation and animals that depend on them, and the adaptation of living organisms that survive within them. Biomes are classified into five main groups, which include aquatic, forests, grasslands, deserts, and tundra. Forests are habitats to numerous species of animals, as well as plants, which depend on them for their survival.

This study will focus on the forest biome, which offers the largest, as well as the most ecologically composite systems.Forests cover about a third of the entire Earth’s surface. They play a crucial role in regulating climate, as they have the capacity to soak up carbon dioxide, as well as other greenhouse gases, which could interfere with the climate pattern. Trees form the core feature of the forest biome. Although trees breathe just like animals, they absorb in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and discharge out oxygen.

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Forests are habitats of numerous animals, plants, and other living organisms, which depend on them for survival. However, forests have become the major target of civilization, as humans have continued to destroy them through deforestation, pollution, as well as industrial use, to satisfy their ever-increasing needs. Forests are divided into three categories, based on their locations within the latitudes: tropical, temperate, and boreal. Tropical forests offer the most biologically diverse category, with abundant rainfall and warm temperatures.