Sample Environmental Studies Essays On A Field Study

Homework Question on A Field Study at Whole Food

  • The criteria is to conduct your own “field trip” that has some environmental health relevance and report your reflections/observations in the form of a 1 (one) page essay.
  • For example write an essay about a field trip exploring in any grocery store such as Safeway, new seasons, FredMayer,RightAid or whole Food.

Homework Answer on A Field Study at Whole Food

A field trip made to one of the Whole Food groceries in Portland had many environmental lessons. Environmental Protection Agency ranked it at the third position among the top twenty-five Green power groups in 2007. They stores ensure a healthy market chain by buying farmers produce. They deal with wide variety of products that include; cheese, beer, baked foods, coffee, tea, flowers, meat, prepared foods, wine and seafoods. They have a unique department for pets.

The store serves a great population of people living in Portland, Oregon. There are environmentally friendly programs practiced by Whole Food groceries. They ensure that the environment is always clean and free from pollution. The store and its environ is kept clean by the workers and the gardens around are watered and attended to every day. A strict waste management program ensures that all the waste products have been carefully disposed.

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There are large containers provided in ready food zones for waste disposal. There are delivery tracks that ensure the transportation of non-biodegradable waste like plastic containers, glass and metallic compounds are delivered to the right recycling center. Waste disposing program records indicated waste diversion at a rate beyond 80% mark. Waste fluids are not allowed to flow down the river and gas effluents are sieved to ensure that no harmful gases escape to the atmosphere.