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Homework Question on Climatic changes

Arguably, human-induced global climate change is the most contentious environmental issue in public conversation today. There is, however, a discrepancy about where this contention exists. While there is extensive agreement among environmental scientists that human activities are the primary driver behind the current spike in average global temperatures, there is much confusion about the subject by a large swath of the public who are not scientists, especially within the United States. This confusion comes from sources outside of environmental science, and includes media groups, politicians, economists, and even some scientists who lack any climate expertise. Together, these voices spin an opposing view of human-induced global climate change, claiming that the science presented by environmental scientists (specifically, climate researchers) is either faulty, incomplete, or just simply wrong. While these claims have not passed muster under the scientific method , they continue to persist in public conversation, often eclipsing the legitimate conclusions of nearly all active climate researchers.

  • Watch the 1-hour video, FRONTLINE: Climate of Doubt (PBS). This program provides insight into a the opinions of those who oppose the prevailing scientific view that human activity is altering the global climate.
  • As you watch the program, utilize your critical thinking habits of mind to objectively look at these alternative opinions about climate change, and determine for yourself whether or not they have validity in the scientific context. Consider the effect that public opinion has on political efforts to combat environmental problems, and postulate on if there is a way to bridge the discrepancy between the public understanding of climate change and the scientific understanding.
  • Post a minimum of a 250-word summary and personal review, and make any connections with the readings.
  • Review the essays of other students, post a minimum of two thoughtful comments of approximately a paragraph (a single sentence is not a comment), and reply to any and all comments posted about your own review.

Homework Answer on Climatic changes

A few years ago, climate changes characterized the everyday debates with politicians actively participating in climate debates. Currently, the political class ignore or see climate modifications as cynicism. Moreover, the public judgments seem to have cooled considerably. Some people feel that climatic scepticism is critical for media influence and preparation for warming in the pipeline have slowed the pains the world puts at thwarting international warming in the future.

Powell cited that deniers conduct public relations stunts by issuing clearly worded declarations that dress up denial in fancy duds. Climate of doubt present a situation where the political elites are threatened by cartels that is out to undermine science. Rich ideologues and fossil fuel institutions fund agencies that fight against proponents of climatic changes.

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The media accords a batch of consideration the climatic sceptics than it does to the entire scientific fraternities. Contradiction influences the communal perception. This is majorly due to belief structure and psychological aspects. The manner the community feels about environmental degradation shapes the politics of a country. This is because the masses select their leaders. If the citizenry is well informed of climatic changes, they will choose the leaders who propagate conservation as well as effective scientific strategies.