Sample Environmental Studies and Forestry Essay Paper on “Oceans May Host Next Wave of Renewable Energy”

            The article, Oceans May Host Next Wave of Renewable Energy, by Jeff Brady informs readers about a newly discovered source of energy that has the potential of solving many of the ongoing issues linked with renewable energy. The author begins by reckoning that in the future, ocean wave energy will possibly count among wind and sun as a source of renewable energy (Brady). The author acknowledges that the wave energy industry has a long way to go, but that the government is already investing up to $40 million for a wave energy facility off the Oregon coast (Brady). Capturing wave energy is proving challenging based on the fact that ocean waves move in different directions depending on location. Quoting Belinda Baden, an executive at the College of Engineering at the Oregon State University, the author suggests that before any progress is made, it will be necessary to test the ability of the energy facility to survive and to evaluate the cost of energy it will incur. In spite of the fact that the technology will be expensive at first, it is expected that ultimately, it will be beneficial to the energy sector.

One of the most valuable information provided in this article is that it suggests an alternative source of renewable energy, as the world struggles with getting rid of petroleum as the primary source of energy. Jeff Brady, the author of this article, is a renowned reporter for National Public Radio who has gained recognition for covering issues related to energy. Through this article, the author seeks to inform the public of the hope for the future of the energy sector, with the advent of ocean energy tapping. One recognizable bias in this article is the failure to rely on multiple sources of information to prove the credibility of the information conveyed. Throughout the article, the author relies on the information provided by Baden, thus lacking the capacity to evaluate the credibility of the information he provides.

One source of skepticism related with the article is the failure by the author to evaluate the potential effectiveness of wave energy in relation to the other sources of renewable energy. While ocean wave energy is yet to be tapped, meaning there is not enough information regarding the energy source, it is possible to estimate the quantity of energy that may be produced in comparison to solar and wind energy over a comparable scale. Nonetheless, the article still proves informative on the topic it sets out to address.

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