Sample Environmental Studies and Forestry Essay Paper on Epistemic Communities and Role of Scientists/ Experts in GEG

An epistemic community refers to a network of transnational experts who are tasked with the role of providing decision-makers with alternatives to issues and problems. The assistance offered by epistemic communities is based on change policies that are designed to offer a solution to particular issues irrespective of the location. At the same time, they also establish evaluation/ benchmarking standards that will be applied in the determination of the successes or failure of the policy changes implemented. The involvement of the epistemic community in the evaluation and provision of changes to be implemented in addressing disasters and policing concerns helps bring in variations in both intellect and perspective to approaching an issue.

Scientists and experts play a significant role in the development and establishment of efficient geographical and environmental monitoring systems (Blicharska, Smithers and Kuchler 19). With the diversification and continuous developments in technology, geographical experts and scientists play a critical role in the development and use of modern systems in the prediction of climate change, provision of standards to be used in preparation, and approaches to address these issues. Prior evaluations and technology readings that indicate the changes in climate and other environmental factors help develop action plans to reduce the impact of the disasters and even loss of lives. According to Blicharska, Smithers, and Kuchler (15), scientists and experts take the role of providing implementation suggestions to address the concerns of climate change agreements through the development of alternatives that are applicable across the globe. In the evaluation of the current North-South division, scientists and experts have suggested alternatives in the environmental and change implementation strategies that can ease the complications of implementing effective environmental measures and control (Blicharska, Smithers, and Kuchler 24).

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