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Homework Question on Methane Gas Contribution to Global Warming

Methane Gas Contribution to Global Warming.

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From the experts finding, methane can be both good or bad depending on its usage and application. By this, when used properly to warm our houses or in green houses among other useful undertakings, then it is a good gas. Despite this fact, it is indicated that when methane leaks from fracking wells,or in green houses and the melting of the arctic, then it becomes a bad gas that has the potential of destroying, destabilizing, and warming the atmosphere or the ozone layer at a more harmful and alarming rate that carbon dioxide would not.

Research indicates that, despite its harmfulness, it can be conserved and renewed to make a less harmful gas that would be beneficial to mankind. Methane, just like other emissions including carbon dioxide, nitrous oxidesandwater vapor among other gases increases the temperatures of the earth by about 33%,though thisvariesin their contribution and abundance as depicted by carbon dioxide being the most responsible for this rise in global warming since it is the most prevalent and most of combustion processes produces CO2 as a waste product of their processes.

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According to Nagle (152), methane contributes to global warming at an average rate of 1% annually, thereby leading to the observed rise in temperatures, changing climatic conditions, acidification of oceans and sudden rise and fall in sea levels among other global warming consequences.The effects of this is evidenced as will be discussed later in this paper whichinclude but not limited to the rise in sea levels that has caused the flooding of the low lying areas like Netherlands and Bangladesh.