Sample English Speeches On Race and Police killings

Homework Question on Race and Police killings

  • What are we going to do with Race, Police and deaths?
  • I would like you to include why guns cause most of the problem and race and how most cops and people are good its just their are some evil people.

Homework Answer on Race and Police killings

The mistreatment of black Americans in the US especially at the hands of the police force has been an issue that has existed for decades. It is a clear indication that racism still exists in the nation. The events that took place recently in Minnesota and Louisiana where two black Americans were shot dead by the police has raised several concerns especially among the Black Lives Matter Movement that have criticized and condemned the killings. However, what made matters worse was the killing of five black officers in Dallas by a sniper which is a clear evidence of race struggles in the nation (Lopez 1).

Following the events, many Americans have been left wondering what is happening to the nation with several of the activists of black lives calling for the government to put extra efforts to solve the matter. Some people have called for changes within the police department by offering them training, reforming the policies relating to operations plus culture.

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Nonetheless, despite the suggestions that have been made, it is important to first recognize the fact that there is a big problem that needs to be resolved. Some people may blame the police officers who have been mistreating and killing the black people as the main problem. Other people may blame the entire law enforcement for not taking appropriate actions against the white officers who treat the people of color unequally, but the fact is that the main problem begins with the gun issue. Once people admit this, then a way forward can be found to fully eliminate the issue of racism against the black people in the nation.