Sample English Research Proposal Summary on TV Adverts

TV adverts

Advertisement is a mandatory activity for any business desiring to reap the benefits of their operations. Different businesses use different advertising strategies to get the attention of their potential customers. TV advertisement is one of the most applicable advertisements for most businesses. This is because most people watch television and therefore the adverts are more likely to reach a wider market base. TV adverts are usually paid for by business owners to be aired over their favorite channels at particular times of the day. Sine people watch television at different times, it is important for businesses to time their adverts appropriately to be capable of reaching most of the desired target population. To achieve this, businesses have to be aware of the times their potential customers are most likely to be watching TV. Using commercials is the most common mode through which TV adverts are aired in the contemporary times.

When using commercials, businesses air the adverts within a span of one to one and a half hours. The adverts are usually played to be appealing to the viewers (Bart et al 169-171). The decision to purchase is based on the level of appeal that the advert has on the customers. In most cases, the commercials include musical tunes and catch phrases that are aimed at increasing the permanence of information on the minds of the customers. Alternatively, businesses can use infomercials to advertise through TV. Contrary to commercials, infomercials provide information regarding the benefits of the advertised pro ducts to the customers. The customers can thus make the decision to purchase based on the expected benefits. Infomercials enable customers to make informed decisions about product purchases (Truant 103-104). The success of TV adverts is feasible. However, companies have to get the product information right before airing TV adverts as wrong information can repel rather than draw customers.

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