Sample English Reports On Photographic Workshop Centers

Homework Question on English Reports On Photographic Workshop Centers

  • Write a report on that i will be starting a business in which i will be giving poor people workshops about photography because its my passion to help them get experience and make them work and have a job that gives them a resource for an income.
  • This idea came to me after i had a photography project that was documenting a poor neighborhood in our city. Which made me think about what i could do to help them and this is what came to my mind

Homework Answer on English Reports On Photographic Workshop Centers

Executive Summary

Recently I was engaged in a project that involved making a documentary in a poor neighborhood. I was so stonished with the kind of life people lived and I felt I needed to instigate some change by introducing an economic activity that would provide that community with the much needed income. Poverty is a social problem in the city and there is a need to introduce a social entreprenuership project that can gradually change the status quo as it is.

I recommend a business that gives the poor free photography workshops so that they have a means of earning income.The prevalence of poverty due to the rising costs and laying off of workers by the day necessitated a project that introduces an alternative source of income to individuals in a poor neighborhood. The Photographic Workshop Center is a non-profit focussed at the improvement of the lives of the needy through the introduction of a substitute source of income- photography.

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The rate of unemployment has increased with alleviated cost cutting measures by companies. It has led to a rise in poverty levels and dependency ratios for those still in the job market. With demand for more complementary sources of income and self-employment, the project targets individuals who feel the brunt of the unsteady economy. The startup capital for the project is approximated to 28,312 SAR.


The rate of poverty is escalating world over with the alleviating differences between the rich and  the poor and the increasing standards of living.