Sample English Presentation Paper on Louis L’Amour

Louis L’Amour


Louis L’Amour was born on 1908, 22nd March in a family of seven people. His parents were Dr. Louis Charles La Moore and Emily Dearborn La Moore (“Louis L’Amour born”). L’Amour’s father was a very hardworking man who was involved the trading of farm machines, practiced veterinary and held office positions. Despite his loving family, Louis had a taste of the economic problems, coupled with bank failures led to the separation of the family (Steven, 2006)

Lamoure mainly worked on the westerns genre- deals with stories about the west America especially in the 19th century. He also worked on fiction and non-fiction stories, short stories and poetry .Louis’ was influenced into writing westerns genre by his old friend in the publishing business. He wrote a total of 108 books and sold over 225M copies from his novels during his lifetime. Regarded as one of the most influential authors of western genres of 20th century


Louis L’Amour Failed to command respect in some quotas because of his western genre, but still succeeded in writing between various genres and selling millions of copies. His writing styles appeals mostly to adventurers’ people, who love thrilling moments (“Adventure in the Great American Tradition”). His novels like Hondo, how the west was won and gloves for a Tiger are all adventure booksand real thrillers

L’Amour’s writing was mainly influenced by his experience in the war field during the Second World War. His writings are important today because readers can compare his work with the modern literary works. One thing I love about his works is that he was able to capture the imagination of his readers and make them experience what his book characters went through.


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