Sample English Paper on The Terrifying Normalcy of AIDS

The Terrifying Normalcy of AIDS


In the recent years AIDS was ranked as the number one killer disease in the world. Finding the cure for the disease as researchers have tried all means possible but only end up with medicine that could help reduce the impact of the virus on individuals. Being a world wide menace a lot of people in the world fear the mention of the word AIDS to the extend that individuals suffering from AIDS are seen as outcasts. This paper aims at analyzing the impact of AIDS on individuals who end up being stigmatized by this menace. The paper will rely on information provided by Gould to provide a clear perspective on how people have found AIDS to be a killer disease and concentrate on stereotypes that in the real account do not exist. As Gould observes individuals have greatly exaggerated the impact of Aids even though it is dangerous.


There are several theories that I will come up with to explain the existence and severe growth of AIDS. A number of individuals believe that AIDS is religious bound as it strives to reduce the world population. It is however important to observe that though AIDS is a killer disease, the fact that it is relayed in the body through vital body organs the reproductive parts of human being means that all the theories we hear are aimed at preventing individuals to regard AIDS as a very negative aspect of the human life.  a lot of individuals who suffer from HIV tend to have these feeling of denial and tend to sideline themselves from the rest of the population. They further suffer from stigma and other ailments that are hard to bear.

 As Gould affirms AIDS is like a nuclear weapon whose impact is atypical, the body protective cells are overpowered by the virus that conveys AIDS weakening the body to the extent that one can’t easily come back to normalcy if proper measures of fighting the virus are engaged (Gould 33).  Scientists and researchers have tried to find probable solution to fight the Aids menace to no avail; there also exist a great differentiation between social classes who suffer from the disease as the rich are able to sustain themselves even after contracting the disease while the poor languish in poverty. This is brought about by globalization and financial inequalities that exists (Freeland). Though governments have tried to provide their input towards this aspect of AIDS, they are yet to succeed because some of the procedures they enact are similar all over thus the futility of the whole topic.


Though it has become hard to find out the cure of AIDS individuals are still optimistic that with the current technological advances the cure will soon be discovered as researchers have teamed up with technology experts and medical professionals in their quest to ascertain the truth towards the AIDS menace. It has however been identified that exponential processes are inexorable, resulting to the malfunction of vital body organs as experienced by patients who have advanced HIV infections where by a number of body parts stop responding to stimuli for instance individuals relay matters such as heart failure, body numbness as well as lack of appetite. I will mainly utilize theoretical information which will count up to four pages of discussion. The research finding will be two pages, recommendation one page and conclusion the last one page.

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