Sample English Paper On The Role of an Investment Fund Manager

Homework Question on The Role of an Investment Fund Manager

  • Part 1 :You will visit this Web site. Here, you will research the occupation you are interested in. Once you have searched for your occupation of choice, you will review the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required in that occupation. You can research occupations based upon 1, 2, or all 3 of your Holland Code by going to “Advanced Search” and “Interests.” You will use this information to complete a gap analysis. A gap analysis is a comparison between the KSAs that are required and your current KSAs. Your objective is to identify any gaps that exist.
  • Part 2: Once you have identified your professional gaps, you can set goals to close the gaps. Using SMART technique, you will set 3 goals based upon your gaps that identify the action you will take and when you will complete it. Gap Analysis and Goal Setting template. Continue researching your career field by using additional career information sites.
  • Visit this Web site. Here, you can continue exploring career field plus you can locate data on the pay scale you can expect at both national levels and within your state. Knowing this information helps you prepare yourself for the interview process and the negotiations components of searching jobs and accepting offers when the time comes.

Homework Answer on The Role of an Investment Fund Manager

Part 1:The career of an investment fund manager is one of the most coveted ones in the field of finance. The finance industry is among the most lucrative industries in the world. An investment fund manager is entrusted with managing funds such as pension funds, hedge funds, mutual funds and trust funds. Investment fund managers are employed in sectors such as investment banking, asset management companies, stock broking, banking and insurance and life assurance companies.

They are required to make various decisions that will primarily benefit the investors. Investment fund managers are paid a fee for their services which is normally a percentage of the fund’s assets that are under management Investment fund manager is required to have a variety of knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs). They should have qualifications in one of the following disciplines: Economics, Management, Finance, Statistics, Mathematics or Accounting. Furthermore, they should have high level of postgraduate credentials probably an MBA.

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Professional qualifications such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) are highly desired. They should have relevant or appropriate work experience. Additional skills that may be required include ambition, high levels of confidence, strong determination, highly motivated, strong time management skills, ability to work in teams, proficiency in IT, numerical ability, problem solving and communication skills.