Sample English Paper on State by State Variation $

Most Compelling Article

Of the three articles, the article by The New Yorker “The Cost Conundrum” is the most appealing. The structure of the article allows a reader to get a concept of what is being talked of from the introduction. At the same time, there is a thesis statement just below the main topic, which sets an expectation on the side of the reader on the exact information to be obtained from reading the material. In the introduction part, the writer, Gawande introduces the specific region being focused on; McAllen, Texas. Among the many elements included in the introduction are the climate of the region and plantation. This gives the reader a mental picture to reflect on in relation to the topic being discussed. In addition to being a personal narrative, the article allows the reader to go on a journey with the writer, which is both interesting and indulging.

Wennberg’s Data in the Contemporary World Setting

Yes, the data would apply in the current setting. Wennberg’s data presents some of the elements within the care setting that are of importance in understanding and attaining a good healthcare environment. The major basis of his argument is that care delivery should not focus on quantity, but rather the quality of care. Basing care provision on quantity both in healthcare centers and in the number of patients treated does not guarantee that the best of care will be offered. On the contrary, increasing the numbers would mean that the quality of care would be poor. The consequence would be increased mortality rates and recurrent visits leading to increased expenses for care delivery.

The Viewpoint of People on Variations

Yes. People are aware of the variations in the approach to different issues in states and cities. However, this does not make a huge difference based on factors such as the experience people will have, the resources to spend, and time wasted.