Sample English Paper On Role Played By Media in Creating Moral Panic

Homework Question on Role Played By Media in Creating Moral Panic

  1. What role does the media play in creating moral panic or in modern day witch hunts?

Homework Answer on Role Played By Media in Creating Moral Panic

Media has been used in the current society like a mirror that reflects and represents the image of people belonging to a particular society. Amount of information passed over through the media plays significant role in influencing the society that it is targeted to reach. Nowadays, it has become almost a necessity for the media to display shocking news and scandals concerning vices affecting the society. There are daily shocking scandals that could either be involving gangs of youth, kidnappings and assaults.

As a result of this alarming news from media, societies develop stereotyping among the affected members. For instance when passing along young adults wearing hoods, people find themselves clutching their bags in fear of being mugged. This has resulted from media creating moral panic causing people to believe young adults wearing hood are in most cases gangs. Media sensationalizes crime creating moral panic and hence controls the manner in which the people behave (Egan, Neary, Keenan, & Bond, 2013).

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Media distorts and exaggerates crimes that are happening in the current society and as a result, creating moral panics among the public. Media has caused people to form stereotypes and symbols in relation to particular incidences and as a result, people start linking specific social groups with a given actions for instance, terrorism and gang violence. People avoid passing by streets where there are large groups of youth hanging around due to the impression created by media concerning youth and gangs.