Sample English Paper On Importance Of A Team

Homework Question on Importance Of A Team

  • What kind of team player are you?
  • What do you contribute to a team?
  • How can collaboration with others benefit you?
  1. Describe a team or group project that you have worked on.
  2. What team roles did you play?
  3. What did you learn about collaborating with others?
  4. How can technology help teamwork?
  5. What guidelines or ground rules will you follow for teamwork and collaboration in future projects?
  • Word count: 400 words.
  • You can include bullet points, illustrations, tables, etc.

Homework Answer on Importance Of A Team

I believe in working together with my colleagues for better endresults. This suffices that I acknowledge team work and offering my best in such an occasion. I usually set my eyes on the final outcome of whichever activity we are carrying out as a team. With this in mind, I believe I am a collaborator when it comes to team work. With my interest being at the end of the whole process, nothing or very little can usually deter me from helping my team accomplish our set goals.

It is always good to incorporate new ideas in a project if after all, they are meant to improve the quality of the project we are carrying out. I usually embrace the aspectsin my endeavours as a devoted team player. Of course, collaborating with others helps me in reducing the work burden and also putting more effort and concentration on the areas that I am better in. I must also note that collaborating with others is a nice experience and fun since there is the social aspect where interaction boosts the morale and makes work easily done.

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We carried out a project that was meant to recruit and enlighten the students in college on the need to have their insurance cover early enough before they even get formal employment. The first objective was to create awareness on the importance of this project and then help these students get covered with the best and reliable insurance bodies which I must admit was a success. The students were able to understand that you prepare for disaster or risks early enough to avoid losses or inconveniences that can affect the other future plans put in place in one’s curriculum.