Sample English Paper on “Free State of Johns”

“Free State of Johns.”

In this case, I can vouch for the integrity of the story. Based on the novel “Free State of Jones” by James Patterson. Newton Knight ordered a solid force to march into Jones County and declare it a loyal Union ally to bring down the Confederacy there. Michael Ross’ clumsy and poorly thought-out script squanders Matthew McConaughey’s critical performance in this underappreciated episode, as well as other substantial acting contributions. Although “The Free State of Jones” by Gary Ross is an intriguing Civil War novel, it falls short of the high standards set by the author. In this film, Matthew McConaughey is outraged and filled with righteous anger.

McConaughey was ecstatic about the opportunity to play the scrappy iconoclast Newton Knight in the novel of the same name. Knight, a native of Jones County, Mississippi, was forced to resign from the Confederate army in 1862 due to discriminatory conscription laws that favored the sons of enslavers and marauding bands of rebel troops that frequently pillaged the cattle and supplies of Jones County yeoman farmers. For several years, he was the leader of a burgeoning band of penniless deserters and formerly enslaved people, who he guided. At long last, they established a fake country within its borders. Matthew McConaughey portrays Newton Knight, a real-life Mississippi farmer, and army nurse. He, together with other deserters and renegade enslaved people, led a rebellion against the Confederacy during the American Civil War in the film Yang & Cao, 2022). His ragtag band of misfits is constantly reminded by him that “everyone is just somebody else’s.” Anyone who owns at least 20 enslaved people is free from military service, which lends credence to Newt Gingrich’s assertion that “a poor man is fighting a rich man’s war.” Following the theft of their belongings, Newt and his wife (Keri Russell) flee to the marshes, where they hatch a plan to declare Jones County an independent state, freeing the county’s citizens from allegiance to either the Northern or Southern states. Gary Ross’ aesthetically captivating, brutally intense, wonderfully photographed, and structurally daring civil war drama features Matthew McConaughey as the titular character.

Newt Knight is a Confederate soldier who leads an outlaw band in the Louisiana swamps and is the commander of the “Robin Hood” criminal organization, attempting to create a “free state” for Jones County, Mississippi, by separating it from the Confederacy and Mississippi. Matthew McConaughey plays Newton Knight in the film. Tap Roots, a 1948 film starring Van Heflin (Van Heflin) and Susan Hayward as Slave Moses (Ali), Rachel (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), and democracy after World War II, was directed by Van Heflin (Van Heflin) (Hayward). Matthew McConaughey appears to be an agonizingly thin and feeble actor following his weight loss, which is not entirely accurate. It is the director’s superb job that the futility and cruelty portrayed in this film’s gory fight sequences, as well as the strange serenity into which Knight takes flight, are depicted (Schroeder et al., 2020). Even though Knight has defected, his fellow soldiers believe that the landowners are the real threat. We gain a new perspective on the past due to these sceneries, which are bright and forward-looking. Despite being outside of the usual narrative arc, the film exudes a tremendous level of self-assurance. It may happen during award season.

During the film’s unsettling opening prologue, the audience is shown the lone conflict fought on American territory. Fighting on the field of battle, Confederate soldiers are being slaughtered one by one by ferocious enemy fire as they march doggedly toward their opponents. Working as an orderly at a field hospital, Knight (McConaughey) witnesses the horrors of battle from the perspective of those who are wounded. He has been even more enraged by the exclusion from military service of anyone who owns more than 20 enslaved people, which has fueled his hatred of humanity.

According to one of his outraged colleagues, “This is a rich man’s war, but this is a poor man’s struggle.” By leaving his group to retrieve the body of a recently deceased teen relative, Knight runs the possibility of being apprehended and executed by the authorities. Following the Confederacy’s “tax in kind” policy, Southerners were empowered to seize people’s land and cattle, resulting in famine and displaced people throughout the South. Even though their sick child is being cared for by Serena (Keri Russell), the couple believes that he is being managed by his father (Schroeder et al., 2020). As an enslaved person from a nearby plantation, Rachel takes natural medicines to keep the fever at bay. Give examples rather than just telling them. — Gary Ross (Seabiscuit, Pleasantville, the original Hunger Games). Having married Gugu Mbatha-Rachel Raw’s (a house slave) and rescuing Mahershala Ali’s Moses (the enslaved person), Newt has cemented his place in Hollywood’s long tradition of white heroism by remaining a white hero. Whose thoughts are these individuals ruminating on? Tell us about one or more aspects of his personality that you find problematic. Is he hiding in plain sight, or is he hiding someplace else?

In this film, however, things do not turn out that way. The state of Jones continues to go forward into a future in which black lives do not appear to matter to anyone, even though it appears to do so. Newly liberated slaves were referred to as “apprentices” after the American Civil War. The Ku Klux Klan’s principal purpose is to instill racism in society. His great-grandson, who married a white woman in 1940, was sentenced to one year in prison by Newt and Rachel’s family (Amran et al., 2022). Assuming we understand Ross’ thesis, he reiterates it without the enthusiasm necessary to bring it to life on the screen. Because the past of the Free State of Jones could be painful in the present, it was vital to erase it. It is only a tired argument that compromises morality for the sake of expediency. Once they reach the marsh, they join together to build an almost impregnable fortress against the outside world. They would soon be joined by a larger group of fugitives, including both black and white men. Racism is a critical issue in the film, as the characters are forced to put their differences aside to survive.

Due to Ross’ tedious scripting method, the main action doesn’t begin for another hour. To cope with the renegades led by Knight, the Confederate officials have sent troops. When it comes to weapons, the Knight and his fellow mercenaries know precisely what they’re dealing with. After a great deal of labor, they have come out on top. His unexpected attack on Confederate forces while they buried the slain rebel commander Knight continues to win… A “Free State of Jones” is established in various counties by Confederate forces sent to eliminate Knight’s men, who grab control of the area and create it under the American flag. So long as the Confederacy exists, self-rule will persist until the union is restored. For reasons that are never made apparent, Sherman rejects the proposal.

Sadly, we don’t receive a satisfying finish to the story. The first half-hour of the video is a waste of time, but the second half-hour is a haphazard collage of scenes meant to convey that reconstruction was much more complex than the war had been. Slaveholders like the local plantation owner will soon be prevented from voting by the Ku Klux Klan, which would force them into new forms of slavery. Newton and his wife Serena have several children due to breaking tradition and joining his black buddies in the fightback. However inaccurately depicted, the Knights’ unconventional way of life enraged black and white Americans.

However, I also found this novel tedious and unsure of itself. A dramatic or philosophical climax doesn’t appear to be reached in the film’s storyline. Mississippi’s anti-miscegenation laws are breached when one of Knight’s male descendants marries a white lady decades after the Civil War. There is no point to this subplot, and it just serves to detract from the main story. Even though Ross’ writing has some shortcomings, his cast’s consistently excellent level of performance more than compensates; with his long hair and beard, McConaughey’s Knight shows a man who is both upright in his morals and knowledgeable. Russell provides Serena’s flinty edge, while Mbatha-Raw provides Rachel’s quiet might. The Confederate Lt. In the role of Moses Washington’s former slave Barbour, Mahershala Ali’s Moses Washington is a memorable performance.




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