Sample English Paper on Ebooks versus Printed Books Outline

Ebooks versus Printed Books Outline

For many years, printed materials have been used as a source of reference in school and colleges. The technological changes that brought about the onset of eBooks have changed the learning dimension, especially in the institution of higher learning. It should be noted that both the eBooks and the print materials have their positive and negative aspects. It is now easier to access reading materials, especially with the extended rental services of the eBooks. With the rising digital technology, the future of education will greatly be portrayed using the digital textbooks. This being the case, this paper tries to give an outline of both the eBooks and the printed hardcopy, but argue why the eBooks are better than the print materials, and therefore students should use the eBooks instead of the hardcopy books.  

  1. eBooks arguments
    1. e-books are less expensive
      1.  One has the option of buying or renting. A school would find it expensive to buy books for 1000 students but would find it cheaper to rent the same for the time required.
      1. Studies that have been put forth indicate that online books are much cheaper than the digital books
  1. eBooks are spine savers
    1.  One does not have to carry big loads on all the materials required in school during the day.
    1. Digital textbooks are easier to carry around
    1. Interactivity
      1.  eBooks are more interactive than the printed materials
      1. There may be pop up questions and illustrations in a digital book unlike in a printed books
      1. Saves time used tin preparing handouts and illustrations.
    1. Double edge function
      1. One can read and take notes at the same time through highlighting
      1. Rented books cannot be highlighted alone will be forced to pay for the damage.
    1. Up-to-date
      1. Some textbooks may be outdated as research continues
      1. EBooks are updated regularly, thus are the most recent as compared to books.
    1. Availability
      1.  eBooks are more likely to be available than printed materials
      1. Some books have not reached certain geographical locations
      1. Less time is taken to purchase an eBook as compared to the time spent on shipping
    1. Durability
      1.  Books may be easily damaged unlike eBooks where one can store them in servers.
      1. Losing a book may prompt one to buy a new one, but losing a Smartphone or internet connection does not.
  2. Conclusion

In light of the above propositions, it is evident that eBooks have greater competitive advantage than the printed textbooks. This being the case, student should be encouraged to use eBooks, as they are able to conveniently use the ebooks.