Sample English Paper On Cross-Cultural Training for Global Business

Homework Question on Cross-Cultural Training for Global Business

  • You have been tasked by either your workplace or a government contractor (you select a company) to provide business executives with a report detailing key insights into conducting business in a specific country (you choose the country). Write to a primary audience of senior-level decision makers as well as a secondary audience of middle management employees who will be conducting business in the country of your choice.
  • Become familiar with a specific country/culture through interviews (if at all possible) and research.
  • A good starting place might be Based on your interviews and research, create a report summarizing how to perform business in the culture you selected.
  1. Develop a report of 1200-1500 words, not including the front and back matter;
  2. Include the following front matter: a letter of transmittal, a title page, a table of contents, a list of illustrations, an executive summary;
  3. Include the following back matter: a references page, using American Psychological Association (APA) style and a glossary of terms if needed;
  4. Research and cite all reference materials used to prepare your proposal/report and presentation.

Homework Answer on Cross-Cultural Training for Global Business

Executive Summary

Japan is one of the most developed countries in Asia. According to the World Bank, Japan is a high income economy, with a high potential for consumer consumption, making it a viable target for business. It is however important that Western companies hoping to conduct business with the Japanese learn some of the most important business cultures among the Japanese. Among these are inclination towards collectivism rather than individualism as it is customary of the Western culture.

The importance of hierarchy, titles and names as well as language. These, among other customs are an important part of the Japanese business culture. Businesses wishing to conduct business with Japanese companies must therefore take these into consideration.

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An understanding of the business and social practices of a particular culture and country is important in conducting cross-cultural business. Different countries and cultures have different ways of conducting business, it is therefore important that an outsider takes the culture into consideration. Japan is one of the most developed countries Asia; considered a high income economy; and with a potential for consumer consumption, making it a viable target for business (Khan, 2010; World Bank 2015).