Sample English Paper on An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth

     An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary that focuses on presentations of former US vice president AL Gore on issues related to climate change and global warming. The documentary was produced in 2006 by Davis Guggenheim with the aim of creating global awareness about the effects of global warming and climate change and the mitigation measures to curb the effects. The central theme in the documentary is global warming and climate change (Gore, 2006). It gives an illustration of the cause, its current situation and future trends, further, it narrates on the effects and mitigation measures to reduce the adverse impacts caused by this phenomenon.

     To demonstrate the theme, directors of the film use graphs and charts from careful studies and analysis to bring out the reality of the situation. Additionally, satellite pictures of the earth and animations are incorporated into the documentary to illustrate facts and distinguish the facts from fiction and myths. Further, keynote speeches from Gore and views from other professional about the topic are used to shed more light on the issue. To this end, An Inconvenient Truth is convincingly a very educative documentary which satisfactorily covers the theme of concern and therefore, meets its objective of educating and raising awareness.

     Climate variability is the statistical measure of the distribution of weather pattern on earth over a particular period (Katz & Brown 1992). The changes are usually measured over an extended period so as to provide reliable information that is quantifiable, hence, forming a basis for future predictions. According to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, this phenomenon is both local and global, this is because its causes and impacts are widespread, therefore leading to negative consequences both at a local level and at a global scale. Additionally, to mitigate the effects it requires implementation of both local and global measures.


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