Sample English Essays Paper On A Letter to Mike Rowe

Homework Question on Letter to Mike Rowe about the Skills Gap

  • Your writing assignment for this week is to create a response to Mike Rowe about his “Skills Gap” argument.
  • Address your letter to Mike Rowe. First, introduce yourself and your interest in his topic.
  • Then, summarize his argument and main points, as you understand them.
  • Feel free to question or critique his evidence, in a respectful way.
  • Finally, explain whether you agree or disagree with him and explain why you feel that way.

*Note: You’ll need to really understand Mike Rowe’s purpose and thesis before you can identify the main topics and supporting evidence of the essay.

Homework Answer on Letter to Mike Rowe about the Skills Gap

I am a student who has a keen interest in your Skills Gap argument because shortly, I will be out of school and get incorporated into the workforce. Therefore, I need to be aware of my demand in the job market and, if necessary, make any significant adjustments that will secure me a stable position. Some of the questions that your argument arouses in me include whether I am adequate with my professional background, or there is a need to change career or enroll for extra courses to complement my training.

The fundamental argument of your Skills Gap concept is that our economy is rich in highly skilled technical jobs. However, there are fewer qualified individuals to take up these positions because the society has embraced the traditional colleges and shunned trade schools where they can learn the skills and expertise needed to fill the available job positions in the industrial market. The rate of unemployment is too high in America with the youths staying idle after obtaining a four-year university degree.

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On the other hand, the skilled labor force has an estimated three million vacant positions following the lack of qualified personnel to occupy these slots.I agree with you that if we do not start valuing working with our hands and instead emphasize on working with our minds, our economy shall head downwards. The pay package for skilled laborers is handsome, and the workers have the opportunity to transform their living standards.