Sample English Essays On Writing Philosophy Statements

Homework Question on Writing Philosophy Statements

  1. What makes a good writer?
  2. How do you feel about your own writing?
  3. What do you feel was your best writing effort this semester and why?
  4. How could you continue to improve?

Homework Answer on Writing Philosophy Statements

What makes a good writer?

A good writer is capable of connecting to the needs of his/her readers by understanding the assignment. Writing requires development of a sense of awareness of how to analyze the subject before writing. Good writers should be excellent communicators who organize their words and ideas in a sensible and captivating manner. Although writing depends on the purpose or director’s instructions, good writers make their own decisions on how to connect ideas into something fascinating and exciting to the readers.

How do you feel about your own writing?

Initially, I felt that my grammar may not be appropriate. However, after writing several papers this semester I feel that I have improved my writing skills tremendously. I have received feedbacks from my instructors, who have encouraged me. However, some have indicated that I should read extensively to enhance my vocabularies, and I believe that such constructive criticism will assist in rectifying my weak points. I am beginning to see some improvements after handing in a number of assignments.

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What do you feel was your best writing effort this semester and why?

I have been perusing through some advices from excellent writers online to explore their routines and what I can gain from them. However, what amazed me was that I had not realized that a good story was more like talking to oneself than writing for other. In order to engage the reader, a good writer needs to write as if he/she is speaking so that it becomes possible to add tones that make narration interesting.