Sample English Essays On Voting: Talking to Women

Homework Question on Voting: Talking to Women

  • Journals 8-12 You know what is essential for a good argument. Critically respond to your choice of OPINION articles in local, regional, national and/or international periodicals (newspapers, magazines, journals, etc.)
  • Attach a copy of the article for each entry so you do not have to summarize it for me and can concentrate on critiquing it.
  • In your critique, use the terms we have discussed throughout the semester to discuss why the articles you have selected are effective or ineffective.
  1. Discuss the writer’s approach in terms of ethos, pathos, and logos.
  2. Identify any logical fallacies. Address any elements of the Toulmin Schema you can see working to make the writer’s case.
  3. Does he/she consider potential rebuttals? Is it a balanced argument?
  4. Does s/he alienate an important audience or use humor to her/his advantage?

Homework Answer on Voting: Talking to Women

Women are sidelined when it comes to politics. This is so even when they are the bulk of the voters. Their importance is yet to be known. According to an article in the Sacramento Bee named, “Democrats and Republicans haven’t figured out how to talk to women”, the critique is that preponderance of the voters is women and they vote at a higher rate compared to men but the political messages delivered to them are “marginalizing and patronizing”. It interrogates why there time should not deal with equal pay, financial insecurity, good schools, health care and affordable childcare, things that will capture the attention of the women.

The author does not rely so much on the reputation for this message to reach across. A sensitive topic reaches anyone since it concerns politics. Most people are emotional on political issues especially voting. The reader uses emotion to appeal to the people. Since women are such emotional creatures, this article addresses them. It also employs logic. It is vivid that politicians are focusing on men while women are the majority of the voters.

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There is the use of formal fallacy (Gómez et al, 2012). The author says that women are the majority of the voters hence the government should focus on issues concerning them. It is a deductive fallacy automatically deducing that women keep the political world on a circular motion. Toulmin Schema is used when the author says democrats and republicans have not found a way to talk to women. The claim is absence of paying attention to women.