Sample English Essays On Video Games

Homework Question on Video Games

  • Make an argument that emphasizes agreement and finding common ground. The tone of the essay should be reasonable and agreeable. State the opposing side of the argument, using direct quotations. State your own side of the argument.
  • Support your claims with quotations from other sources.
  • The essay should be four pages long, typed in MLA format.

Essay Structure

  1. The issue: something recently happened [which made me decide to write this essay] Use quotations from a couple different sources about a recent event
  2. “Some people say . . .” [these people are not blind or evil or idiotic]: this is the position you do not agree with.
    Use quotations from different sources here.
  3. “I believe . . .” State the position you believe in.
    Try to use more than one support.
    Use quotations for each support.
    Quotations should come from the best sources possible (experts, respected newspapers, etc.)
  4. “We can all agree that . . .” Close your essay by finding common ground with the opposing side or proposing a compromise.

Homework Answer on Video Games

About two years ago, the U.S Supreme Court ruled that violent games were not supposed to be sold to children in California. For some time, this issue hit the headline of many U.S media. Although some people welcomed this move, some did not because it had some ominous consequences. Some people claimed that the ruling was likely to deny children some fundamental rights (Gross Para 1).

Other people claimed that some professions were likely to lack potential employees in the future. In spite of all these arguments, we should realize that inasmuch as violent video games are destructive in some ways to our children, they help them to experience the real world and develop some skills. The skills might appear destructive right now, but they will be instrumental in the future.

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In relation to this issue, some people say that video games are destructive and as such they should be banned or even regulated so that children cannot access them. This group of people asserts that video games train children to desecrate time as opposed to training them to utilize time studying. The group also claims that children that spend most of their time playing video games tend to be moody thereby they cannot live comfortably with other children without quarrelling them.