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Homework Question on Underage Drinking Prevention

  1. Please write a research paper about underage drinking prevention (14 pages) and an outline of the research that you write. Detailed instruction and grading sheet will be attached.

Homework Answer on Underage Drinking Prevention


Underage drinking has become a major problem in the American society. This is a public health issue that remains a major challenge in the United States with over 10 million underage youths consuming alcohol (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration 11). Children who drink alcohol are prone to certain short and long-term physical as well as emotional problems that may affect their subsequent growth and development.

Negative effects of underage drinking are seen in the dangers faced by the people living around the drinkers. Since underage drinking has been a problem for some time, the best approach towards preventing it should entail involvement of all stakeholders, beginning from the parental/guardian participation. Indeed, underage drinking affects everybody in the society and its prevention must come from everybody’s responsibility.

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Underage Drinking Facts

In order to device the best method towards preventing underage drinking, it is important to find out some of the facts on the same. Many researches have been with a view to finding the exact situation of alcohol abuse by underage youths. Alcohol use by the persons under 21 has considerably gone up in the last five years as shown by reports, by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Underage drinking is a major concern because it stands out that alcohol use by minors in the United States is higher than the tobacco and marijuana (CDC)