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Homework Question on “To the Virgins to Make Much of Time”

  • Hello I need a Journal Response of a poem. The name of the poem is : To the Virgins to Make much Time. One full page. Here is the link of the poem

Homework Answer on “To the Virgins to Make Much of Time”

In the poem, To the Virgins to Make Much of Time, the speaker places emphasis on marriage and virgins. In his view, virgins should work hard to “gather their rosebuds” while they still have the opportunity to use their time with benefit of themselves. He goes on to give a reason that time is not on their side, hence, there is a need for quick action. The author of this poem, Robert Herrick uses nature, such as, dying flowers and the sunset to emphasize the brevity of human life and, thus, the significance of acting during young years.

In his view, the youthful stage is the best in life and must be handled wisely to avoid regrets in the future. He believes that life after it is difficult and not worth yearning for. The conclusion of his poem is an encouragement to the young virgins that they must utilize their time wisely.  The author encourages them to be proactive and take risks. He believes that all virgins must be quick to live their dreams.

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It is hard to disagree with Herrick’s perspective of virgins and youthful life. I compare myself with the elderly in the society and find that I am more privileged. This is, in the sense that I have more energy and my mind is still active. In the world today, many women end up without spouses due to their advancement in age. Apparently, some women still wait for the “perfect” partner and the “perfect” time for them to get married, hence, losing the opportunity altogether. Marriage should not be based on finding the perfect partner.