Sample English Essays On The Steve Harvey Show

Homework Question on The Steve Harvey Show

  1. Evaluate a Tv show in terms of its presentation of gender, race, ethnicity, age, class or other constructs of identity.
  2. Demonstrate whether the show offers positive, negative, or mixed messages.
  • Be sure to use support from the show itself (primary) and at least 3 outside sources (secondary).
  • And when your done with the essay I want you to write a proposal of the essay you wrote,
  • Identify the show and the constructs of the identity that you will be analyze.
  • Explain how you will use primary and secondary sources. Include citations
  • 5 pages
  • 12 pt font

Homework Answer on The Steve Harvey Show

The television show that I will analyze in this paper is the Steve Harvey Show. It is an American presentation show that is co-produced by Harvey, NBCU universal, and Endemol. It features diverse topics that revolve around real life issues that men and women encounter. The show inspires people by teaching them better ways to stay together. The presentation also incorporates interview of celebrated guests who inspire the audience by giving them tips to handle the challenges they face in life.

Steve Harvey presentation is gender sensitive by allowing men and women to the talk show. It also incorporates guests from different races such as whites and black Americans. This show is diverse with people from different ethnic groups and class. Children are also part of this show and all guests take part in meditating about issues and events that represents reality to the world (Elly 49). By doing so, Steve Harvey’s intention is to emphasize and reinforce positive values and disseminate encouraging messages to the public.

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In this show, Harvey focuses on gender equality to help reduce gender biases that are involved in the culture. By inviting all sorts of guests to be part of the show, the objective of the host is to create an impression that whether male or female, one can still motivate others to become better persons in society.