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Homework Question on The Principles of Future Organization

  • By reading this article please identify 8 principles of the 14 principles and explain why they are important

Homework Answer on The Principles of Future Organization

Organizations have continued to experience change as they endeavor to meet their clients’ needs, as well as maintain their competitive edge. However, it is almost impractical to think that today’s organizations will continue operating the same way in ten year’s time. According to Forbes, there are 14 principles that the future organization should demonstrate through its structure and management (Morgan 1). This study will focus on eight principles that are essential for the future organizational survival.

The future organization should be globally distributed, where small teams can be allowed to manage the firm’s office in other regions. Organizations should cease relying on expertise from the head offices and focus on training local employees to manage foreign branches.  Connected workforce is extremely fundamental to organization as it enhances proper flow of information at any time. Having appropriate technology would enable organizations to share information and collaborate in carrying out tasks (Morgan 1).

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Employees should be fast in adapting to change to avoid missing on essential aspects in the current business environment. Decisions should be made faster, as delay in making decision makes organizations to lose their clients. Intrapreneurial traits should be encouraged in the future organization, as they are capable of facilitating testing of ideas, and determining the potential of the organization. The future organization should be open to innovation, and should avoid relying heavily on the top managers to come up with inventions.