Sample English Essays On The Poems “No More Tears and Listen to me Love”

Homework Question on The Poems No More Tears and Listen to me Love

  1. Free verse poem at least ten lines . Can use your poetic freedom.
  2. Just pertain to theme love. Limerick a five line poem with an a,a,b,b,a rhyme scheme the 1st,2nd, and 5th lines; the 3rd and 4th lines rhyme. It should be a humorous poem.
  3. Both poems must be on theme love. Both poems have to be done.

Homework Answer on The Poems No More Tears and Listen to me Love

Listen to me, Love

When I should look at you I don’t want it to be more than a glance.

When I think of you I go to sleep at once

You are not beautiful; you are beauty itself

But when I try to talk to you I find out I am talking to myself

Why do you exist when it’s certain you’ll never give me a chance?


Why should I waste my pieces of paper?

Why should I describe lips that taste like red pepper?

A love song about you would be a song meant to be sung in haste

A song about a heart outpour gone to waste

Sand as if the singer was afraid of a sniper

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Tell you what, time is running out.

Very soon there will be nothing to talk to you about

When years will have passed and your beauty faded and nothing left to make me suffer.

My feelings will have died; I won’t come back with a better offer

There will be no second chance, I dare you to doubt.