Sample English Essays On The Movie “Matrix”

Homework Question on The Movie “Matrix”

  • Please watch this movie (The Matrix), and answer these questions in 2 pages Please answer each question with thoughtful, detailed answers.
  1. What parts of The Matrix stood out for you?
  2. What is the Matrix and why does it exist?
  3. Why did Morpheus and his followers consider the Matrix to be evil?
  4. Neo’s character arc is often compared to the “Hero’s Journey, a thesis by folklorist Joseph Campbell who argued there were common themes in the heroic tales and origins in most religions and culture. Watch the video I posted that explains this in more depth. What stories or films are comparable to Neo?
  5. Neo expressed he did not believe in fate because it meant he had no control over his life. How do you feel about the idea of fate? Was Neo’s life determined by fate? Do you believe your life is determined by fate?
  6. Do you see religious parallels in the Matrix? Why is Neo referred to as the one? What is the role of Trinity? Morpheus? The Oracle? The Agents?
  7. When Neo must decide between taking the blue pill or the red pill he decides to find out the truth. What would you do? Continue living in the false, but comfortable reality of the Matrix or for the actual reality that’s far more challenging?
  8. The writers of The Matrix were heavily influenced by comic books and video games. Where you see those influences in the film?
  9. How are the fight scenes different from other films that you watched?
  10. Read the article – “Do We Live in the Matrix” What do you think? Would that change your idea of existence if it was discovered our universe was an elaborate computer program? What sorts of questions would that raise?

Homework Answer on The Movie “Matrix”

Question One

One of the parts that stood out in this film include the perception of human beings as machine-like beings, Morpheus’ faith in Neo and the Oracle’s prophecy and lastly the Agents and their roles. The Matrix points out that there is a thin line that separates man and machine. The Agents, on the other hand, show amazing prowess in the way they shift and transform in the computer programs.

Question Two

The Matrix is a program that uses the body, brain, and mind to give a difference between the real world and the artificial one. Its exists with the main role of pointing out that the mind is essential for human existence and survival in the real world. In essence, it is a program designed to save souls that are lost in the illusion of existence.

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Question Three

Morpheus and his followers have a strong belief that the Matrix is evil. The Matrix seem to be a twisted version of a program that presents a real and artificial world where individuals can feel physical objects while away from the body. It is believed that souls have been lost to the semi-reality that seems to be a modern military world.