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Homework Question on Jury Duty

  • Please read the following article from LA-Weekly and prepare a summary paper of your (understanding) of the story.

Homework Answer on Jury Duty

Working as a juror at the L.A. superior court was an experience of a lifetime. There are so many invaluable lessons learnt but blatant wastage of taxpayers money stood out. Inept prosecution wastes lots of dollars in weak cases that are not well investigated. The first summons helped explore a few cases that have shaped the American Judicial System, for example, the O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony cases.

The court has an elaborate system of selecting a juror and this ensures that the decisions arrived at before the court is fair to the litigants. There is however too much delays in the LA County and close interactions between the members of the jury and those involved in the case. Whereas the court jury is very important, very little effort has been put in ensuring comfort and impartiality of the jurors. There are no offices set aside for the jurors.

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The jurors wait outside the courtrooms next to the parties involved in the case. This is likely to compromise on the decisions the jurors make there is too much delay and this could be equated to The Truman Show considering the little part we played as jurors.  Once out of the courtroom canvassing is forbidden.Whereas there is so much tension and poor conditions for the jurors, the jurors arrive at fair decisions that are acceptable to all the parties. The experience of a juror is an eye opener on the importance of jurors in meeting ends of justice in the American legal system.