Sample English Essays On “The Invisible Gorilla”

Homework Question on “The Invisible Gorilla”

  • Note: Please make sure you read the instructions carefully.
  1. INSTRUCTIONS: For the summary, describe the main points covered, the overall idea the author tried to convey, and how it relates to concepts covered in class. Which parts did you find most/least interesting?
  2. Share a few specifics but don’t try to recap all of them! For the critique, discuss your opinion of the quality of the work. Was it convincing and supported with solid scientific evidence or references? Was it interesting & enjoyable to read?
  3. What changes could have improved it, scientifically or commercially?
  4. Would you recommend it, either for this class, for psychology students in general, or even for fun?
  • This is the book that you need to write paper about: The Invisible Gorilla: How Our Intuitions Deceive Us
  • In this article there is a lot of details that we covered in class (because you need to relate the overall ideas to concepts covered in class. )

Homework Answer on “The Invisible Gorilla”

In the book, The Invisible Gorilla: How Our Intuitions Deceive Us, the authors cover some major points, based on human intuition. It is an undebatable fact that every human being is born with intuition. It is an inborn ability. Intuition is a fundamental thing and thus natural for human beings to instantly have judgment about something without having actual evidence. The level of intuitive thinking and problem-solving does not differ regardless of gender, age and sex.

Adults are as intuitive as the youth and also the male gender are as intuitive as the female sex.Every human being has five common senses. However, according to the author he argues that there is more. With intuition, an individual has eight senses that include; hearing, singing, smelling, tasting, feeling, knowing, speaking and seeing.

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Humans perceive sound through their ears. This helps obtain sound data that will be used in judgment after the brain has decoded the entire portion of the sound that is heard. Tasting is another way of feeding the brain with information. The tongue tastes something, and the nerves and buds send impulses to the brain for analysis. The brain decodes the message and thus the individual can either judge if something is sweet, bitter or sour.The sense of singing is important in a person. Through singing, a singer can be able to get inspired or inspire others.