Sample English Essays On The film “A Time to Kill “

Homework Question on The film “A Time to Kill”

  1. Watch A Time to Kill (full movie available on I suggest that you watch the film twice (especially if you’ve never seen it before)–
  2. Once for enjoyment and a second time for analysis. Consider the themes and issues the movie raises, and think about these issues in light of our recent discussions on rhetoric, morality, and fairness”.

Homework Answer on The film “A Time to Kill”

The film A Time to kill is based in the southern part of Mississippi State and portrays an impartial legal system in many instances. It involves a symbolic case where Jake Brigance, a white lawyer and the main character seeks to defend his black client who is charged with murder. Racism plays out clearly in this case and creates a difficult working environment for the white lawyer (Grisham, et al). Prior to this case, Jake’s law firm had financial difficulties because his law firm was not popular to attract a lot of clients.

Carl Lee Hailey, the defendant faces murder charges because of killing two whites who had brutally raped his young daughter.The case demonstrates the level of racial prejudice that existed both in the legal system and in the society at that time. The film shows how the different groups tried to influence the outcome of this case. The racism in the community where Jake’s law firm operates comes out when Jake makes a decision to be Carl Lee defense. Throughout the film, the society constantly harasses Jake because of accepting to defend a black.

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The harassment comes out clearly when Jake’s brother organizes a group called Klu Klux Klan that terrorizes the lawyer (Grisham, et al). The group, at some point burns Jake’s lawn, assaults and kidnaps his workers. They eventually burns his home by planting a bomb outside the house in their effort to disrupt him and the legal business. The society did all this in order to disrupt Jake and make him drop Carl Lee murder case.