Sample English Essays On Religious Studies (Nazism)

Homework Question on Religious Studies (Nazism)

  • Can Nazism be a religion?
  • Include  all 8 elements which are:
  1. Belief system
  2. community
  3. central stories/myths
  4. rituals
  5. ethics
  6. characteristic emotional experience
  7. material expression
  8. sacredness

        Homework Answer on Religious Studies (Nazism)

A religion is a structured system of belief with a set of beliefs that define the relationships between members of that group.Nazism is a region; this is due to its practices and beliefs in which its members subscribe to.Nazism can be a secular religion; a number of the beliefs conform to those of the other religious communities.  The rituals, values and practices by the Nazis formed a unique belief system.  The Nazis have some religious beliefs though they diverge strongly with those of other groups.

The spiritual views of the Nazis on diverse issues make it to be a secular religion. Many Nazis understand their way of life   and activities in Christian terms. When we understand religion from the functionalist point of view then we find that it is an irreligious surrogate of Christianity. From the functionalist perspective a group or community qualifies to be a secular religion if its ideologies are either anti-Christian or non-Christian.

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The act of them hoping and believing in a superhuman makes them to be a religious group. The Nazis believe in the sacredness of human life thus punish those who murdered. They also look at the holocaust as a sacred cow.Nazis use various emotional expressions for instance body language to show disgust or happiness. Rituals are also performed by Nazis for instance the burning of books in public which represented an element of censorship.