Sample English Essays On Personal Profiles

Homework Question on Personal Profiles

  • Find a job or internship that you could potentially use for this assignment. Post a link to the job description below:
  • Pretend you are applying to the above job and write a “Summary of Qualifications” section about yourself, highlighting skills or keywords that would be relevant to the position. You can see some examples of this section in the resume examples here (sometimes it’s called a “Profile” or “Summary of Experience.”)
  • Think of a company that you would like to work for and do some research on them. Answer the below questions about them:
  1. -What is the name of the company?
  2. What are their services or products? Do you admire any in particular?
  3. What locations do they have?
  4. Have they won any awards?
  5. What other details can you find out about them — e.g. How many employees do they have?
  6. What clients do they serve? Do they contribute to the community or environment in any way?
  7. Are there particular people you admire that work there?

Homework Answer on Personal Profiles

My name is Ali Salem, a freshman at Arizona state college taking a course in criminal justice. The past few years have been life changer to me. After I left high school, I went to live with my uncle in the city as my parents were living up-country where there is no much exposure like in the city (Buller 342). My uncle worked as a court clerk in one of the local courts. Every night he would come to the house with a different story of the criminal cases they handle in the courts.

One thing that I figured out from all the stories was that criminal cases were many, and it seemed like many criminals escaped prison due to lack of strong evidence. That is when I decided that I would pursue criminal justice and to succeed in it I knew I had to do it in reputable college where I would get the best training. Even the movies I watched continued to encourage me to take up criminal law and my  uncle supported me on my endeavor. and that is how I decided to apply and got accepted in the Arizona state college to study law, majoring in criminal justice.

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My goal is to graduate with high grades and be a good lawyer to those who will hire my services in future. I believe that my time at the college would help me achieve my academic goals before I venture into the world (Murray and Sarah 145). The college has helped me settle fast and I hope to make a good impression by scoring high grades this semester. The college has lived to its expectation and nothing would stop me from achieving my dreams.