Sample English Essays On Personal Observation

Homework Question on Personal Observation

  • Remember to pick something or someone to observer hat you’ll have access to THIS WEEKEND, as you’ll need to start observing right away. Your proposal should include the following:
  1. A brief description of the person, group, activity, or place you hope to study and why you’d like to study it. Explain what interests you about the subject you chose.
  2. A description of location(s) you think might be useful to visit. Where will you go to observe or interact with this group or person?
  3. A list of assumptions you already have about the group, activity, or place. Consider what you expect to see when you observe this group/place/activity. You might consider the languages, behaviors, and attitudes that you anticipate the group will have or will be seen at this particular place.
  4. An exploration of your own biases, prejudices, personal feelings that you bring to your study and how they might affect your observations.
  • I want you to observe a group of people in bar and ask them why they drink alcohol while it harm their body and stuff like that ,describe the place and the atmosphere in there  please make low level of vocabularies and essay to understand,and make sure to write it as point by point

Homework Answer on Personal Observation

This observation is on a group of Americans in a bar. They are six in number. In the group, there are two women and four men, all of prime age. From their physique, they seem to be financially and economically stable. This is also depicted with the kind of people they keep associating themselves with while in the bar. Majority of the group members seem to have vehicles of their own as they usually park in a given shade in the bar.

This group is made of people from various descents that are joined together by their career and job positions as depicted from their lifestyles. They have been arriving in the bar at almost the same time. At times, they come earlier in one of the member’s car. From the study, I desire to understand why such young, creative, and energetic people can consume alcohol yet it is harmful to the human body. Alcohol intake is an interesting subject as there are many advertisements and warning against alcohol consumption, yet its demand is still on the rise.

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The main useful locations are the bars and the entertainment joint. There are wide varieties of alcohol products sold in these joints. This is depicted from the sales of alcohol and the purpose of people going to bars and entertainment joints. I am to specifically go to a new bar on a weekend evening. This bar is said to be less than six months old. The location of the bar is in the exterior end of the city. This bar has been attracting career men and women due to the kind of alcohol products sold, the services and its location.