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Homework Question on Parental Role

  1. Write a 2 page essay about parenting
  • Includes at least 2 sources with the name of the writer and the date before the source.

Homework Answer on Parental Role


Parenting is the act of supporting and taking care of a child from infancy to adulthood. It involves ensuring a child is healthy and safe. In most cases, the biological parents play the parental role, but in some cases, it may be a relative; an aunt, uncle or grandparent and sometimes the state in cases of orphaned children (Brown 14).


Cultural values and social norms play a major role in how parents raise their children, for example, a child brought up in a setting with agricultural practices is more likely to be taught practical surviving skills like hunting compared to those brought up in an urban setting who will be taught how to read to improve their intellectual ability.

Parenting Styles

Authoritarian parenting is where the parent shapes, controls, and evaluates the behavior of the child. The children have limited freedom to do as they please. The authoritative style involves a positive reinforcement of values and virtues from the parent, and there is less use of punishment. Finally, there is the permissive parenting, which entails a parent allowing the child to adjust his or her activities and have his/her own independence to make decisions in life (Brown 12).
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Stages of Parenting

There is the newborn where parenting begins. The child communicates through crying to show different kinds of needs like breastfeeding, and sleeping. This is where attachment between the mother and the newborn is formed to create a healthy relationship. The toddler stage is where the child is very curious about what is happening around it and is learning to do things for its own.