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Homework Question on Over-Medicated Children

Write a 5 paragraph essay in which you argue whether or not children in the United States are Over-Medicated. 

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Homework Answer on Over-Medicated Children

The diagnosing of children with psychiatric disorders and due prescription of medications on children has dramatically increased in the recent years in the United States. The use of these antipsychotics on children is due to the emergence of various disorders in children that previously were tested in adults. Some of the drugs are currently being abused by parents and other individuals on the children with intent to control some disorders that can be easily prevented through other safe means.

Some parties have considered these behaviors to be over-medication on children whose effects are worse on the children’s development. Despite the increment use of these drugs, some scientists still argue that the use is moderated and that the prescriptions are only issued to children with serious disorders, which requires intervention in order to prevent them from harming themselves. They, therefore, consider the prescriptions to be right as per the health of the children.

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The number of children affected by attention-deficit or hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), intellectual disability, and disruptive behavior disorder has recently increased in the U.S. Some disorders and diseases that initially were tested on the adults currently has been identified in the children too. For example the bipolar disorder. According to the Journal of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry the cases involving the use of antipsychotic drugs on children has dramatically increased.