Sample English Essays On OSU Freshman

Homework Question on OSU Freshman

What should OSU freshman be reading? Why?

Imagine!that!OSU’s!curriculum!development!team!has!asked!you!to!help!them!design!a!Core! Literary!Curriculum.!Imagine!further!that!in!a!few!years!every!OSU!freshman!will!be! required!to!take!the!Core!Literary!Curriculum!sequence.!The!development!team!asked!you to!help!because!you!have!undertaken!a!close!reading!of!four!of!the!most!influential!Greek! literary!works!(there!are!a!lot!more,!trust!me!):!Odyssey!by!Homer,!Theogony!and!Works/&/ Days!by!Hesiod,!and!Symposium!by!Plato.!The!team!wants!you!to!recommend!one!of!the!four! works!to!be!required!reading!in!the!freshman!course.

In this essay,you must answer the following question:

  1. Which of the following works should be required reading for every freshman at OSU:
  • Odyssey
  • Theogony
  • Works2&2Days
  • Symposium

Homework Answer on OSU Freshman

Every freshman ought to read Odyssey by Homer. This poem is one of the ancient Greek poems written in the eighth century about a Greek hero, Odyssey (Homer 12). It highlights the Greek’s rich culture, background of their beliefs and general history. As a sequel to lliad, this writing is an epic mythology (Homer 296). It is highly significant to the contemporary western literature. Moreover, the poem was written in a non-linear plot, a common style in Greek.

From the title to the terms used in the poem, the students will find this artwork engaging and enjoyable. For instance, Odysseus in Greek implies ‘trouble’ as he is either giving or receiving trouble. The title means differently in diverse lingo. The characters mentioned are also unique in their own. Odyssey for instance, is quite conceited and bigheaded, while his son is very peculiar. His pride results to more trouble for him in many instances.

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In as much as everyone believes his father is long gone, he still clings on the belief that his father is still alive. He goes to look for him in an unknown place.The structure is also intriguing. Written in dactylic hexameter, it opens up in the middle of the account. The events unfold in numerous flashbacks. Through the narrative, several literatures have been influenced by this piece. More than 24 books have been written, in humorous and entertaining twist, to share the story of Odyssey. The students will thus find an intriguing literature equal to their academic power.