Sample English Essays On Marketing Objectives

Homework Question on Marketing Objectives

  1. Provide a detailed description of your company in the form of an executive summary. The description should include, at a minimum, the product’s name, trademark, color, shape, packaging, labeling, and any characteristics that you deem relevant. Weight: 10%.
  2. Describe the company’s target market in terms of its size, competitors, and the specific needs and wants of potential customers that your product or service is likely to satisfy
  3. Describe both the company’s Unique Selling Position (USP) and its marketing objectives
  4. Analyze the pricing strategy relative to the company’s pricing objective, and internal and external factors that could affect the pricing of the company’s products or services. Weight: 15%.
  5. Determine the distribution strategy in terms of your target market, location, and selection of distribution channels.
  6. Outline the promotional strategy in relation to marketing objectives, advertising program, and public relations activity.

Homework Answer on Marketing Objectives

Goldfarb, Samantha, Will L. Tarver, and Bisakha Sen. “Family structure and risk behaviors: The role of the family meal in assessing likelihood of adolescent risk behaviors.” Psychology research and behavior management 7 (2014): 53-66.

As the article underscores, family meals act as a major protective aspect for some adolescent risk conducts. After being authored by learned and experienced authors the article was published by a global, peer-reviewed, open entry journal centering on the discipline of psychology and its relevance in conduct management to establish enhanced outcomes in the medical, sports, educational, and business fields. I will use this article in the discussion of the possibility of family meal in the recognition of risk conducts amid teenagers (for instance, substance abuse). The article is not clear on the facts of causal connections involving family meals and teenager medical-risk conducts.

Gray, Eliza. “The drug threat in plain sight.” Time 183.15 (2014): 24-31.

Gray (2014)

It focuses on the United States marketplace for synthetic drugs which imitate illicit drugs for instance, cocaine or bhang though are traded legally (24-31). Being a staff author at Time magazine, the author is knowledgeable from enormous writing experience. I will use the article to explain the drug threat facing teenagers. The article evidently demonstrates the drug threat facing teenagers, the effects of the drugs (for example, vomiting, convulsions, and death), and the efforts by legislators to ensure that such drugs become ilegalized.

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Hart, Aaron, and David Moore. “Alcohol and alcohol effects: Constituting causality in alcohol epidemiology.” Contemporary Drug Problems 41.3 (2014): 393-416.

The authors evaluate the manner in which alcohol epidemiology generates the health impacts of alcohol. Coupled with the help of proficient authors, the article was published by the Contemporary Drug Problems, which is an academic journal having a multidisciplinary and global course and which issues peer-reviewed and social science studies regarding alcohol and other drugs, legal and illegal. I will use this article in the discussions regarding the effects and addressing issues of substance abuse among teenagers.