Sample English Essays On Living In and Living Off Campus

Homework Question on Living In and Living Off Campus

  • Compare and Contrast: Living in campus to living off campus

Homework Answer on Living In and living Off campus

There are some benefits when students live on campus, it is safer, gives you easier access to class meeting and students are likely to study more since there limited freedom. On the other hand, there is limited space and little privacy for students living in campus. Living outside campus is advantageous in that it allows students to have more freedom and privacy. Nevertheless, living off campus is less safe for students and there is less accessibility to the institution.

It is safer for students to live in campus than off campus. This is because in campus there is guaranteed security provided by the institution’s administration during day and night. The security ensures there are no interferences from outside the campus that may pose a security threat to the students. In contrast, students living outside campus have to take care of their own security. They have to search for accommodation in areas that they are assured of security.
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These students are also at a higher risk of encountering security threats as they move in and out of campus. Living in campus enhances the student’s accessibility to the school. They are able to attend class meeting at any time without having many inconveniences. Nevertheless, the students living outside campus have a problem of accessing the school to attend class meetings. They have to take time and money taking a bus to school.