Sample English Essays On Leadership values

Homework Question on Leadership values

  • Read and reflect on the five leadership values AND the “leaders daily dozen.”  Briefly outline these and discuss them from your perspective.
  1. Do these make sense to you and how do you plan on utilizing these items.
  2. Do they apply, are they of value to you.  Are there pragmatic steps you can take to adhere to these values.  Are there others the author may have failed to mention?
  3.  Combined with the employee management lectures we have had in class and the book readings, have they helped open your eyes and enhanced your leadership skills?
  • Address all of these in an essay of more than 250 words.

Homework Answer on Leadership values

Leadership is an act of influencing and inspiring people to achieve a particular goal. For an individual to be a leader he/she must possess certain values and qualities (Maxwell 265). According to Maxwell, there are five pivotal values, which a leader possesses.

A team of leaders is better than a single leader.

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. A group of leaders who are vision propelled can achieve and overcome challenges (Maxwell 268). They can bring on board different ideas and resources hence specialization in comparison to a single leader.This can be accomplished by looking for individuals who are motivated and productive. This makes the organization attain its goals and objectives.

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The need for leader at every level of an organization

For an organization to achieve its set objectives and goals, it calls for a well-formulated vision, which leaders can set. In addition, decisions whether long, middle or short-term must be made for efficient operations of a given firm (Maxwell 269). This aspect requires leadership. Therefore, every corporation needs leaders, regardless of the level. The leaders will motivate, find solutions and progress the company.