Sample English Essays On Hydraulic Fracking

Homework Question on Hydraulic Fracking

  • Fracking Position Paper *Using your work and the sources from our class days( HERE is the link for the source that we watched in the class )
  1. I want you to write a two to three page position paper that states what you think the truth is about hydraulic fracturing/fracking and what we should do or not do about it here in the Midwest.
  2. Reference at least one source directly for support and clearly lay out the reasons for your position and why you think this is the “truth” about fracking.
  3. Consider how the different sides use appeals to logic, emotion and authority to try to persuade the mass audience about the dangers or value of hydraulic fracturing.

Homework Answer on Hydraulic Fracking

The short video clip The Hidden Cost of the US Shale Gas Fracking Boom provides a comprehensive analysis of the extraction process of shale gas in Midwest and the associated costs to the environment as well as the benefits accruing to both the local communities and to the government. The benefits mentioned widely is the levels of economic injections such as an improvement in the country’s GDP, individual’s income and general rise in employment levels.

The country’s economic progress is a measure of the community social life and retails around improved living conditions safe for the negative attributes widely mentioned in the clip. On the contrary, the hydraulic extraction process has associated costs which again outfit the benefits mentioned. The costs in this case are discussed in terms of damages caused to natural habitats and to both plant and animal lives.

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As presented in the clip, the hydraulic fracturing otherwise known as fracking is the best extraction method used to drill out shale gas, however, the method has its own complications and tend to affect Midwest population directly or indirectly.Essentially, hydraulic fracturing as a method used in the extraction shale gas is considered a waste process that destroys environment and wrecks human life. this is because, the extraction process used highly compressed gases like methane mixed with water and other chemicals and  during drilling, chemicals and other waste products my leak into water source.