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Homework Question on Hazardous Waste

  1. Define Solid Waste:
  2. What are the 4 classifications of waste under RCRA?
  3. What types of waste are considered Universal?
  4. What are the characteristics and parameters of Characteristic Hazardous Waste?
  5. The factory uses trichloroethylene to degrease steel before welding and coating operations. It is washed off and filtered from rinse solution. The waste has this chemical in it at about 12% concentration. What type and classification of waste is this? ID the type as listed, characteristic, universal, or mixed. Give the EPA classification number.
  6. What amount of oil storage capacity above ground signals coverage under the SPCC requirements of the Clean Water Act?
  7. Besides oil storage capacity above ground and below ground, what other element decides whether a facility must complete SPCC planning.What are the criteria for determining whether a facility is a “substantial harm” facility?
  8. You have a single 10,000 gallon above ground oil tank. It has a sealed concrete containment structure around it that is capable of holding 12,000 gallons. Once weekly a truck will empty the tank by connecting a large flexible three inch hose to a quick connection coupling. The truck pumps the oil from the tank to the tanker truck. The truck takes the used oil off for recycling. The recycling company pays for the used oil once per month.If the facility has a running stream down- hill from the tank that leads to a larger creek in the community. Provide an outline of what would be covered to meet SPCC planning.
  9. Give examples of each:Prevention:Control:Counter measures.

Homework Answer on Hazardous Waste

  1. Define Solid Waste:

This is a garbage, refuse, sludge, or different discarded material such as solids, semi solids, liquids, and contained vaporized materials from industrial, commercial, mining, agricultural operations and community activities.

  1. What are the 4 classifications of waste under RCRA?

These are the listed hazardous waste by given letters and are; F listed wastes that are unsafe specific wastes from common industrial processes, thus these are common found wastes such as solvents, sludge. K listed wastes are unsafe common industrial wastes such as chemical or insect repellent wastes. P listed wastes are highly toxic, unusual chemicals and rarely found such as rat poison, endrib. While the U listed, wastes are toxic commercial chemicals that must be discarded if they cannot be used, such as benzene and vinyl chloride.

  1. What types of waste are considered Universal?

These are the batteries, pesticides, thermostats, fluorescent lights, mercury-containing equipment and paint linked waste.

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  1. What are the characteristics and parameters of Characteristic Hazardous Waste?

The four characteristics of hazardous waste are;Ignitability, if a waste burns at a flash point of less than 60 0 C such as waste oils and used solvents. Corrosivity are wastes with pH below or equivalent to 2.0 and larger than or equivalent to 12.5 are acidic and corrode metals such as battery acid. Reactivity is when the reactive waste reacts violently with water, forms explosions, generates toxic gases and fumes when reacted with waters such as metallic sodium potassium while Toxicity are harmful waste if absorbed. Therefore, if the waste fails toxicity characteristics leaching procedure lab test for given 40 parameters is regarded to be toxic and includes lead or mercury metals.